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      Bamboo Bath Towel

      What factors do you consider while purchasing a towel? Can a simple towel influence your health, skin, and style? Yes, even the color of your towel speaks something about your personality.

      The only time we recognize the significance of a towel is when we forget to take it with us to the bathroom. However, this write-up will try to cover almost all the crucial aspects necessary to consider before purchasing a towel.

      There are multiple factors that work simultaneously behind the process of opting for a safer product for your personal space. Indeed, the quality of the fabric, its weight, absorbency, size, and safety standards are among the core scales that mark the product's quality.

      Is it essential to examine a piece of cloth on such a complicated scale? Yes, but we have valid reasons to support this scale. 

      A towel is something that you use for your personal care. You carry them to the gym and even use them for draping your child. Surprisingly, the human body contains around 19 million skin cells and more than 600 sweat glands constantly secreting waste to regulate body temperature. 

      Improper fabric and hygiene of bath products have made this 21st generation aware of the rising health concerns. The utility of towels is more than just being an absorbent cloth used to wipe your body. An improper towel can house thousands of bacteria, causing severe skin irritation and possible infection. Well, it becomes necessary to keep in mind some standard parameters before making a choice.  

      What if we claim that bamboo-based towels are much softer, cozier, and hygienic than traditional towels.

      Bamboo fiber is well-known for its high absorbency rates. It has a natural tendency to soak more water than cotton-based products. Towels absorb surface water which makes them soggy. It takes a specific time to dry. However, soaked water, when it remains static on the cloth surface, makes a house for bacteria, molds, and viruses. However, bamboo towels made with natural techniques possess natural antimicrobial qualities.  

      Is your towel shrink-resistant? Yes, after purchasing towels, they usually shrink in size after two or three usage. Towels made from bamboo will not disappoint you here.

      Furthermore, bamboo provides yet another reason to purchase it, i.e., eco-friendly. Although, bamboo in itself is eco-friendly as it uses nearly less or negligible amounts of chemicals to grow. It is 100% organic and biodegradable, making a less environmental impact than any other product.

      Paying for something that is antibacterial, super soft, eco-friendly, and luxurious all at the same time can never be a burden for you.  

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