THE STORY OF | THE House Of Oraz

“There’s no use of talking about the concern unless you talk about the solution.”

A quote by Betty Williams fits best the entire idea that ignited the spark of providing outstanding solutions to all your skin and sleeping problems.

The first time we gabbed about this issue, it was just about our child and his skin issues. After years of consistent efforts in comprehending the impact of fabric on human skin and exhaustive research on skin-related problems arising out of fabric’s quality, we have designed solutions efficient enough to provide health, comfort and luxury.

Our Process

Several studies have been conducted to understand the impurities found in textile fabric like benzothiazole which accumulates on the skin after prolonged usage. The process we follow to deliver you a quality fabric has been a benchmark in this industry.
What YOU get here is handpicked material that symbolizes premium quality and the state-of-art technology employed to convert it into usable products.
The organic touch that we infuse into our products is unique and makes it stand out. The ultimate fabric you get is moisture-wicking, breathable and a lot cooler than cotton. We follow everything relevant enough to fulfill our commitment to offering a quality product.

Our Values
A sense of empathy towards the people facing similar issues was the sole reason behind initiating our service.

How do you evaluate progress? Undoubtedly, a never dying attitude towards all the adversities you face in the entire process and a sense of integrity remain the fundamental pillars that support us. To successfully run an organization and offer consistent and flawless service to our clients, it is essential to work on some core values that represent us as a brand.

Our Mission