Bamboo Bath Towel

When it comes to bath towels, people usually bet on a product that is softer and gentler to their skin and hair. What if we introduce you to a product that is two times more absorbent and softer than your regular towel? 

Our company cares for your loved ones and has produced an ultimate product, 'bamboo bath towel,' which is ultra-compact and lightweight and can be used as a multirole like pool towel, yoga towel, or gym towel. 

Let's take a quick overview of one of the best-selling products and why you should invest.

Why only a bamboo bath towel?

  1. Chemical-free- It is made up of 100% bamboo viscose and free from all chemical-free procedures
  2. Fade resistant- It comes with a long-lasting color property
  3. Odor resistant –Bamboo is naturally odor resistant, which helps it keep away from all kinds of smells
  4. Available in attractive colors
  5. Luxurious feel


  1. Is it too bulky?

No, it's not bulky. Instead, it is ultra-compact and lightweight. And takes very less space in your traveling bag. We had designed this product keeping in mind all the likings of our valuable customers

  1. Are these towels too rough for small kids?

Absolutely not. It's softer than regular towels and gentler to skin and hair. This product is built out of a completely chemical-free process that will take care of your sensitive skin.

  1. Our old towel smells a lot after its usage. Do these towels have the same problem?

No, our product is made from 100% bamboo viscose. In fact, bamboo is naturally odor resistant. For this reason, it will keep you afresh 24/7.