Puffy Bamboo Sheets

Are comfy nights or cloud-like sleep just a word for you? Then let us make it real with a single change that starts with our puffy bamboo sheets.

All-weather sheets with astoundingly soft fabric and impressive satin finish leave the sheet with a smooth, silky texture. It is an ideal solution for your hot and sweaty night problem; its moisture-wicking property helps you to have cool comfy nights and cloud-like sleep.

Let's make it easier for you!

Why should you prefer puffy bamboo sheets compared to traditional cotton sheets?

Why should you have this product?

  •       Long pocket sheets- This additional length sheet may be fitted snugly over a thick mattress, avoiding slippage and bunching up as you sleep.
  •       Antibacterial- Naturally antibacterial properties are found in bamboo, which is suitable for people with sensitive skin
  •       All whether product- Comfortable during warming spring days and wintry autumn nights
  •       Eco-friendly and sustainable- Made of 100% bamboo viscose, not only incredibly soft but also healthy and safe for the family.

·        Absorbency- It has a natural water retention capacity; these puffy sheets are perfect for those who eat breakfast in bed and for kids who accidentally spill coffee on the bed.


  •       Is it comfortable on summer days?

Yes, although it is a weather bed sheet, it should be the first priority on summer days; lower thread count in these bamboo sheets provides an excellent airflow, which ensures the dissipation of heat from the body

  •       Is this sheet suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our puffy bamboo sheets feature antimicrobial antimite and antiallergic traits which will be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  •       Is shipping available in Lucknow?

Yes, shipping is available all over India; all you have to do is enter the address and pin code of your location while buying the product.

  •       Are puffy bamboo sheets eco-friendly?

Having been crafted from 100% viscose that comes from organically grown bamboo, these sheets are free from all chemical processes that make them a perfect fit for a safe and eco-friendly environment.