All you want to know about bamboo-based products in 2022

Bamboo is far stronger than steel, and Thomas Edison used it as a filament for his first light bulb. Undoubtedly, you may not need to believe these facts to prefer bamboo products.

Even, I was hunting for something concrete to assure myself of bamboo products. But surely, this blog will convert you from a regular cotton fabric user to a bamboo lover.

How many times have you tried different things for a night of better sleep?  

The most sought-after and trending qualities in a product viewed by 21st-century customers are sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic.

If you are inclined towards sustainability, you must have come across several bamboo-made products as eco-friendly alternatives. So, why not count on them.

Bamboo is far more interesting than you have ever thought.

  • A bamboo is a form of grass. It is highly versatile and renewable. Although it is tough, like wood, some species may grow more than a meter daily.
  • Around 1,400 species of this plant grows in almost all parts of the world in tropical, subtropical, and moderate temperate regions.
  • Surprisingly, bamboo grows in extremely little water and thus requires neither fertilizer or pesticide.

Yes, this makes it even more competitive, eco-friendly and organic when compared to other products.  

Bamboo-based products have several advantageous qualities that make them increasingly popular in the fashion industry. With numerous properties in hand, a fabric made from bamboo is softer, temperature regulating, breathable, smoother, and gentler than cotton.

Why are bamboo products sustainable? 

To understand this little concept, you must go through how a minuscule bamboo fiber is threaded into a piece of usable fabric.

The process of making bamboo fiber into wearable products starts with its harvesting. Indeed, it is the fastest growing grass with no chemicals or fertilizer utilized in this process, making it organic and chemical-free. There are different ways to convert raw bamboo into products. Few among them use bamboo viscose and bamboo lyocell.

Raw bamboo, when dispatched to the industries, its cellulose fibers are pulped out into bamboo chips. In bamboo viscose, these bamboo chips are further converted into a wood pulp material that can be spun, combed, and woven into threads.

 What differentiates bamboo from its competitors? 

Fortunately, bamboo is quite admired for its unique traits. Bamboo has been a leading raw material for years and has contributed a lot to our supply chain. Its increasing usage in different industries, like furniture, bedding, mattress, etc., have made it an essential baseline contributor in these industries.   

What traits make it a special product?

Let us know some top-quality traits of bamboo and how it is best for your family

  • Organic and chemical-free 

Cotton being a fragile crop needs a lot of fertilizers and chemicals to grow into a full plant. It uses chemicals of over $2 billion every year worldwide. Yes, it’s a massive number.

Multiple diseases like skin rashes, asthma, and itchy eczema are included in the lists that are caused due to hyper allergic fabric. Bamboo-based products are 100% safe for any age group. Bamboo fibers are entirely biodegradable. It grows faster than any trees without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  

  • Durable and sustainable

Durability remains the most searched factor for every customer. Compared to cotton, bamboo fabric is much stronger and more durable. Bamboo fibers are naturally long; if woven properly, even a single set of bamboo sheets might last up to 6-10 years. Additionally, bamboo products retain dye better and produce more vibrant colors than other products.

  • Temperature regulation

Certain medical conditions cause night sweats, like hypothyroidism and diabetes. However, night sweat is a regular condition for women experiencing menopause.

An assured solution to your night sweats is just a click away!

What makes bamboo products more breathable and super-comfortable? Bamboo sheets have excellent temperature regulating properties that traditional sheets don’t offer. Certainly, they absorb up to 300 percent more moisture than their weight.

Our products keep you cool on muggy summer nights and warm on cold winters. They help you to get a fresh, dry, and friendly night’s sleep.

  • Luxuriously soft

One of the critical characteristics of bamboo bedding is that they are incredibly smooth, silky, and more soothing than traditional bedding sheets. Being comfortable for all age groups, it is the best choice for small children and adults with sensitive skin. An extremely soothing experience along with a variety of colors offers you a 5-star luxurious bedding comfort.

  • Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Don’t you want something that naturally resists fungi and pest infestation? Indeed, bamboo has a natural tendency to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It absorbs moisture and prevents the housing of germ, dust mites, fungi, etc. Thus it is an excellent deal for people having sensitive skin who are more vulnerable to allergies and rashes.

A detailed insight into bamboo-based products

We recognize that it’s hard to make a decision, specifically if we are concerned for our loved ones.

Several products in the market claim to be better than their competitors. You will indeed witness the same scenario with bamboo products. Well, the reasons why we sell bamboo products are simple. Read this; we are sure that you will find one too.

  • Thread Count

Thread count can be a differentiating factor when selecting a fabric. The higher the thread counts, the softer and smoothes the bed linen will be. Besides its sustainable features, bamboo-based products have a thread count above 350. It is far more a number when we compare it with fabric made of cotton, making them more breathable.

  • Safe for sensitive skin

When we spin bamboo fiber into a fabric, we do weave our trust as well. A survey conducted by CTITC claims that a bamboo product presents an antibacterial kill rate of 99.8%. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties are best when it comes to protecting our loved ones. Making it more clear, bamboo is blessed with a natural agent known as ‘Bamboo Kun.’ Certainly, it restricts the growth of specific fungi and bacteria, causing allergies and rashes.  

  • Durable and sustainable

Studying the life cycle of bamboo products is three times more than any traditional linen-like cotton. If taken care of properly, bamboo sheets can last up to 6- 10 years. Additionally, bamboo products have a tendency to retain their color, which helps to keep your product fresh and new even after years

  • Eco Friendly

We were right when we claimed that bamboo has more tensile strength than steel. It is far more sustainable and eco-friendly than other crops. How? The cost of producing bamboo is far less than other crops. Apart from this, growing bamboo does not require any pesticide or chemical fertilizer, making it environmentally friendly.

Yet, another reason for selling bamboo products is that it is safer for you and our mother earth too.

To wind things up with: 

Yes, it’s our business to sell bamboo-based products, but we do have a cause. This cause relates to humanity, care for people, and a better understanding of fabric that is safe for you. We sell highly breathable, luxuriously soft, smooth, and silky products. Are bamboo products costlier than traditional fabric? Yes, the cost is something that we charge for a robust product with assured service of more than a decade.

Isn’t it cool enough to purchase a luxurious space for yourself? Yes, an investment for a decade. 

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